What is a Snow Guard?

A snow guard system, also called snow retention or ice rake, is intended to mitigate the risk of sudden and unexpected release of snow from the roof which can cause avalanche like situations below.

Why do I need Snow Guard System?

There are many reasons to use a Snow Guard System, but the primary one is to enhance the overall safety of your building project.

Further reasons are

  • reduce the risk of injury to people
  • damage to light fixtures
  • wall foundations
  • protection of lower roofs
  • gutters

Clamp on or adhesive type of snow guard?

There are a variety of reasons why adhering snow guards onto your roof may be an ineffective method in the design of a long-lasting and safe snow guard system.

Reason 1:

Adhesives tend to break down over time. So, adhered snow guards may work out for the 1st few years but over time, they may come off when a load is applied (like snow piling up behind them).

Reason 2:

Adhesives requires certain conditions in order to cure and these ideal conditions may only exist within a small window of time in many areas where snow retention is desired. The following is an actual installation procedure from an adhesive snow guard manufacturer;

For a successful installation the adhesive requires 28 days or (672 Hours) at 50 Degrees (F) or above to achieve full cure. Temperatures below 40 Degrees (F) will delay cure time, until temperatures reach 50 Degrees (F) or above to completely cure. Spring, Summer or early Fall is the best time to install adhesive mounted snow guards

Unless you can control the weather there really is NO perfect time to install an adhesive snow guard. A mechanically fastened or clamp to seam snow guard system can be installed ANY time of year.

Reason 3:

Adhered snow guards have much lower load ratings than mechanically fastened or clamp to seam style snow guards. Therefore, many more are required to stabilize the snow load.

Can S-5! Snow Guards be retrofitted to an existing roof?

Yes, S-5! Snow Guards are not only the industry standard but are the easiest to install resulting in reduced labour costs! Further, installed properly, S-5! Snow Guards can last the lifetime of the roof!

Should the Snow Guard System be customized to the Job?

Yes, every job is different. It is important to take into account dormers, upper and lower roofs, multiple roofs on a building and if any part(s) of the roof(s) create valleys where snow funnelling can increase snow loads further down the roof.





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