Metal Roof Brackets

The world’s best standing seam metal roofing brackets—The Ultimate Bracket, The Big Boy’s, and The Roofer’s Helper—began with a metal roofing contractor who realized that his work time was inefficient.

Upon searching the web and metal roofing magazines, he soon discovered there was no bracket designed strictly for standing seam metal roofing that would enable the contractor to install metal roofing in a comfortable, efficient, and safe manner. This is how the idea was born to invent and develop his own. The process took several years to invent, patent, develop, and manufacture. The outcome has been well worth the wait. We are now able to offer you these three brackets: The Ultimate Bracket, The Big Boy’s, and The Roofer’s Helper. We have no doubt that once your company uses these brackets, you will find that the installation of standing seam metal roofing has never been so fast, efficient, and comfortable.​