The purpose of a snow retention system is to retain snow pack on a roof.

The idea is to evacuate the snow in a predictable and controlled fashion. In other words, evaporation and thaw rather than by a sudden and dangerous rooftop avalanche.   Each roof needs to be analyzed, there are many factors that contribute to the loads imposed on any snow retention such as 

  • Distance between seams
  • Length of the roof run (ridge to eave)
  • Assembly length or eave run
  • Slope of the roof
  • If there are multiple roofs feeding onto one roof, do the valleys create a funneling effect.
  • Does the roof(s) have a wider section at the top and taper down near the bottom which can increase loads where tapered edge finishes
  • Roof snow loads 

These are just some of the factors needed to properly engineer a snow retention system.In various section of Snow Facts we will try to help you understand what is required for putting the Snow Retention System together.