Metal Plus Big Boy


Adjusts from 3/12 to 24/12 slope.
– Double start crank shaft system which you can adjust one degree at a time.
– High grade powder coating to prevent corrosion.
– Custom designed rubber pads to prevent roof damage.
– The bracket installs from 1″ up to 2″ on a snap-lock or mechanical standing seam.
– Designed strictly for a 2 X 12 aluminum plank
– Once the aluminum plank is installed, it automatically locks itself into place.
– Easily installed with one hand.
– Quick installation and removal.
– This tool is used mostly by solar installers, carpenters and masons because, they require a more comfortable, longer stationary work place.
– 300 lbs. rated wet or dry, follows Osha requirements with proper fall arrest systems and tie downs

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