OMG PowerGrip Plus


Roof Mount System for Solar Racking Attachment and Other Rooftop Applications

OMG PowerGrip PLUS is a roof mount system designed to secure ballasted solar racks and other equipment to roofs covered with thermoplastic (TPO & PVC) roof membranes.

OMG PowerGrip PLUS provides a secure connection directly to the roof deck or structural members. Once heat welded in place, properly installed PowerGrips can help to eliminate rack movement and remain watertight.

Features & Benefits

  • A properly installed PowerGrip PLUS provides a secure anchor to the roof deck and remains watertight.
  • Simple installation process saves time and labor.
  • Available in most PVC and TPO membrane brands for 100% compatibility.
  • Helps protect thermoplastic roof covers from damage due to ballasted rack movement.
  • 15⁄8-in. diameter x .-in. tall mount, provides optimal perch securing brackets or struts.
  • PowerGrip is available in several membrane types, thicknesses and brands, and is fully compatible with mechanically attached, fully adhered and ballasted roof systems.

PowerGrip is also ideal for a wide variety of other roof-top applications.

Roof Type needs to be verified (PVC, EDPM, TPO and manufacture)



Tensile Strength TAS 117-95 (A) 2000 lbf. (minimum)
Shear Strength ASTM E488-96 1075 lbf. (minimum)

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