SnoBracket TB and RB


SnoBracket is a sheeting-only bracket created specifically for trapezoidal-ribbed IMPs, and it comes in two sizes to fit popular rib profile dimensioning. When paired with S-5! ColorGard®, SnoBracket offers an ideal snow retention solution with durable, tested, watertight and proven products.

With no messy, field-applied sealants, there’s no chance for leaks. SnoBracket comes with factory-applied, butyl sealant already in the base. The part design conceals the sealant, preventing UV degradation and over-compression of the sealant when fasteners are secured.

SnoBracket has been rigorously tested parallel-to-seam (drag load) on multiple roofs and thicknesses. 

Colorgard crossmember and color strip sold separately.

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