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TORQUE WRENCHES Dial Indicating Type


The CLASSIC Series Dial Torque Wrench offers a body design that guarantees maximum durability and performance. The small frame series offers torque capacities that range from 0in.lbs. to 250in.lbs. with 3/8" square drives.

Ideal for setting proper torque on the set screws for the S-5 Clamps.


  • Sturdy body construction insures maximum durability
  • Easy to Read Laser Marked Single Scale
  • Large easy to read dial is shock resistant and protected by a tough metal guard
  • Memory needle retains highest torque reading applied
  • Calibrated in both CW and CCW direction
  • Accuracy:  3% of indicated value, CW & CCW, from 20% to 100% of full scale
  • Individually serialized with matching certificate of calibration traceable to N.I.S.T.




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